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Lance Cases

Lancework needs a large supply of small, thin cases of consistent size. This is the traditional method of rolling them and works well for me.

This picture shows some finished cases in a simple stand and the paper that is used to produce them.

The former used is a simple brass rod, but with the end countersunk.
The paper I use is normal 80g copier paper. You can cut six sheets from an A4 sheet.

You only need a couple of turns around the former. The paper must burn away easily without affecting the flame colour too much. The composition gives the case most of it's integrity.

Paint PVA on one edge and one side of the paper.

Let the edge with the PVA stick out a little on the countersunk end of the former and roll up the case.

Here you can see the overlapping end.
Now use a pencil or pointed stick to turn the end over. The end should be turned so that it just reaches the centre of the countersink.
Slip the case off the former. The end should be sealed, but the centre provides an easy place to push the lance onto a mounting pin.
Here is a batch of cases put into a stand to dry. As they are so thin, it will not take very long.